Camera for the Commons is a collaborative public art project that creates room-scale camera obscuras in multiple Wichita neighborhoods. By making visible the value of representation, C4C highlights public spaces which define the identity of these communities.

Through a series of community workshops, developed safely for COVID-19 and led by Hugo Zelada-Romero, participants will collectively create the shape of the immersive camera obscura sculpture. This large scale camera projects a live image that isn’t frozen in time but rather moves forward with us as a living image that reflects striving towards the future and progress of the community.

At the heart of Camera for the Commons is the understanding that prioritizing public art can lead to increased community engagement and social cohesion. The mission of Camera for the Commons is to center the value of representation, one that encompasses cultural, social and aesthetic considerations in an effort to reflect the dreams and vision a community holds dear.

Too often, public artwork means art in public spaces. This project engages the community in workshops (which will either be in person or via Zoom depending on COVID considerations) to give neighborhoods the chance to be directly involved with representing their spaces thereby creating a true public artwork.  

Funded by Harvester Arts and the Knight Foundation Fund at the Wichita Community Foundation

Camera for the Commons - Hugo Zelada-Romero Hugo Zelada-Romero
Creative Director

Harvester Arts
Community Fellows Program

Camera for the Commons - Harvester Arts

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